We can create a completely automated, turn-key directory website that display automatically created content packed, dynamic local business directories complete with dynamic business reviews, business listings, coupon offers and Google Maps integration, and much more, right from within your business directory website.

It is automated so there is no need for any technical intervention. As for all online business needs you will need to market your website and bring in other businesses to promote their ads via subscription.

Earning opportunity – Local Business Promotion Ads, Google adsense, Amazon

Dynamic Local Business Content For Your website gives access to rich, local business listings to enhance your customer returning to your website for more information each time.

Your business website will be simple to use, yet contain powerful components to add a powerful local business search functionality to your current blogs and add other “high value” content such as business reviews and deals.

Your website will allow your visitors to get detailed information about business listings including location, website, reviews, OFFERS, maps and more right within your website.

Easy display profiles of businesses using information from the website script’s dynamic self-updating system, which contain more than 18 million business listings.

Full Google Maps Integration. Show business search results as places on a map, with full Google maps functionality and the ability for the visitor to expand the search or access full details of a given place.

Integrated High Powered Search Tool for local business and offer search lets you show your users the most relevant accurate local results possible.

Enhanced Content. Enhance your  local directory with more than just business listing by also including local deals and discounts offered by the business owners themselves. All of this information is streamed automatically to your website for your visitors to enjoy.

Built In Contextual Text Ad System. Turn any keyword you choose into a “hot word” that shows a contextual in text ad, whenever the visitor hovers their mouse over the selected word.

For a limited time only we are offering new customers a brand new website including hosting, and domain name of their choice for a year! Create yellow pages like directory based on any of these countries: USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. If you want to create a niche local directory based on certain category of business the same applies.

You may check out the portfolio of these local directory websites on our website

Prices start from $399 so what are you waiting for? Contact us for further details